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Welcome to Jack the Ripper's Asylum! Jack the Ripper In the Autumn of 1888 five prostitutes in an area known as Whitechapel became victims of the killer we now call Jack the Ripper. This is Saucy Jacky's unofficial playground... Check out the discussions, chats, fun and games with like-minded inmates in an attempt to get into the mind and place of Britain's most notorius serial killer... Ha ha. Catch us if you can Mr. Lusk.
Eight little whores, with no hope of heaven, Gladstone may save one, then there'll be seven. Seven little whores beggin for a shilling, One stays in Henage Court, then there's a killing. Six little whores, glad to be alive, One sidles up to Jack, then there are five. Four and whore rhyme aright, So do three and me, I'll set the town alight Ere there are two. Two little whores, shivering with fright, Seek a cosy doorway in the middle of the night. Jack's knife flashes, then there's but one, And the last one's the ripest for Jack's idea of fun.

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 Queen Victoria

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PostSubject: Queen Victoria   Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:08 pm

The best and most sinister adaptation of this theory in opinion is the movie starring Michael Caine (1988). I cant say that I believe that Sir William Gull was Jack the Ripper for one moment, but it is a lovely theory. One thing I will say though is that film makers do return to this theory again and again, maybe its the fascination of Queen Victorie being involved. I must say though a pure fantasist could ever imagine a closed doors meeting between Gull and Queen Victoria in a secret room at Buckinghma Palace. Imagine that conversation the monarch telling her physician that things needed taking care off ! No I would love this theory to be true but its only fascination is with writers and producers who want to make a few pounds.

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Victoria   Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:46 pm

Seems pretty cool brah.
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Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Victoria   Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:04 pm

I agree with you. The Royal conspiracy is certainly one which captures the imagination, rather much so than a filthy slumdog such as the suspect Kosminski for example. I think what makes many of the theories like this one the edge over others is because Jack the Ripper is glamerous in terms of much sought popular culture. Having Jack the Ripper converse with the Queen is certainly something worthy of a couple of oscars. XD


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"When evidence is not to be had, theories abound.
Even the most plausible of them do not carry conviction."
- London Times Nov. 10.1888
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Jack the Ripper's co-pilot

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Victoria   Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:32 am

the only thing that i could say that could be of interest about said movies though is the only reason why they keep bringing up the fact with queen Victoria is possibly the fact that she was a a royal Freemason supporter(and even to this day as i have mentioned before is that the free masons are still suspects in the ripper case as well as many others so if the press at that time found out about the queen being a supporter they could of used it to further the story of the ripper and make a load of money off of it like any other scandalous crap the papers posted on the royal family, with out even knowing if she was really involved??
but getting back to the present here that the reason why Hollywood and such keeps re using said theory is because it undoubtedly keeps bringing in money.

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Victoria   

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Queen Victoria
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