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Welcome to Jack the Ripper's Asylum! Jack the Ripper In the Autumn of 1888 five prostitutes in an area known as Whitechapel became victims of the killer we now call Jack the Ripper. This is Saucy Jacky's unofficial playground... Check out the discussions, chats, fun and games with like-minded inmates in an attempt to get into the mind and place of Britain's most notorius serial killer... Ha ha. Catch us if you can Mr. Lusk.
Eight little whores, with no hope of heaven, Gladstone may save one, then there'll be seven. Seven little whores beggin for a shilling, One stays in Henage Court, then there's a killing. Six little whores, glad to be alive, One sidles up to Jack, then there are five. Four and whore rhyme aright, So do three and me, I'll set the town alight Ere there are two. Two little whores, shivering with fright, Seek a cosy doorway in the middle of the night. Jack's knife flashes, then there's but one, And the last one's the ripest for Jack's idea of fun.


 The Boston Strangler

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Jack the Ripper's co-pilot
Jack the Ripper's co-pilot

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PostSubject: The Boston Strangler    The Boston Strangler  Icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2011 3:27 am

the Boston strangler is a name that was given to Albert Henry DeSalvo who killed 13 women in Boston Massachusetts united states in the early 1960's
DeSalvo's other alias are:
the measuring man and the green man.
Between June 14, 1962, and January 4, 1964, 13 single women between the ages of 19 and 85 were murdered in the Boston area; they were eventually tied to the Boston Strangler.Most of the women were sexually assaulted in their apartments, and then strangled with articles of clothing. The eldest victim died of a heart attack. Two others were stabbed to death, one of whom was also badly beaten. Without any sign of forced entry into their dwellings, the women were assumed to have either known their killer or voluntarily allowed him into their homes.On October 27, 1964, a stranger entered a young woman's home in East Cambridge posing as a maintenance worker sent up by the building supervisor. He tied his victim to her bed, proceeded to sexually assault her, and suddenly left, saying "I'm sorry" as he went. The woman's description led police to identify the assailant as DeSalvo and when his photo was published, many women identified him as the man who had assaulted them. Earlier on October 27, DeSalvo had posed as a motorist with car trouble and attempted to enter a home in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The homeowner, future Brockton Police Chief Richard Sproles, became suspicious and eventually fired a shotgun at DeSalvo.
DeSalvo was not initially suspected of being involved with the murders. Only after he was charged with rape did he give a detailed confession of his activities as the Boston Strangler under hypnosis induced by William Joseph Bryan and sessions not induced by hypnosis with Assistant Attorney General John Bottomly. He initially confessed to fellow inmate George Nassar; he then reported to his attorney F. Lee Bailey, who took on DeSalvo's case. Though there were some inconsistencies, DeSalvo was able to cite details which had not been made public. However, there was no physical evidence to substantiate his confession. As such, he stood trial for earlier, unrelated crimes of robbery and sexual offenses. Bailey brought up the confession to the murders as part of his client's history at the trial as part of an insanity defense, but it was ruled as inadmissible by the judge.

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Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper

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PostSubject: Re: The Boston Strangler    The Boston Strangler  Icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2011 6:05 pm

Thanks for posting this! It's very interesting to note that he failed to proceed in some of the murders and just left the crime scene leaving his 'victims' alive, and a pretty stupid move of him leaving accurate witnesses to describe him in full detail and hand this in to the police. Usually serial killers don't do this. I think with the double murder by Jack the Ripper, it was not the horse and cart that disturbed him, but simply Schwarts himself, so after he left, to ensure that there were no witnesses to testify agaisnt him, he killed Stride for this purpose and left the scene, which would explain the sounds of a 'bobby on the beat' heard shortly after by a local resident. This is in all likelyhood, the killer leaving the crime scene.

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The Boston Strangler
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